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Updates of R2Devops - What's new in July?

Let's take a look to all the improvements made in R2Devops in July 2022!

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How to implement faster your CI/CD?

Learn how R2Devops can help you to reduce the implementation time of your CI/CD!

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Updates of R2Devops - What's new in June?

Let's take a look to all the improvements made in R2Devops in June 2022!

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Why using R2Devops’ official jobs?

Discover what official jobs are and why you should use them!

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Updates of R2Devops - What's new in May?

Let's take a look to all the improvements made in R2Devops in May 2022!

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Why doing CI/CD?

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment aren’t just 2 keywords to add to your curriculum vitae when you’re looking for a job. They can really improve your development process and help you automate time-consuming tasks! Let’s see why you should include CI/CD in your development workflow.

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Generate automatically your CI/CD pipeline using R2Devops

Learn how to create your CI/CD pipeline automaltically using R2Devops. It will be done in a minute!

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Using jobs' fixed versions in your pipeline

A good practice is to use fixed version of jobs when building your pipeline? Why? Let's check together!

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Start with React Hooks

Hooks have arrived with React 16.8. This feature is a real revolution, and we will show you why and how to use it.

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Updates of R2Devops - What’s new on April?

It’s already been a month since the release of R2Devops V1.0.0. And our teams haven’t stop working! Let’s take a look at the new improvements on the platform. 👇

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R2Devops 1.0.0 - Who let the jobs out?

Today is the day! We are really proud and incredibly excited to announce the release of the new version of the platform: R2Devops V1.0.0.

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R2Devops is registered as a GitLab alliance partner

R2Devops has officialy joined GitLab alliance partner's list. This partnership validates our engagement to simplify the developers' life and our value of transparency and open source. Discover all the details about this partnership!

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Git commands used by R2Devops’ team

Today, we want to share with you some git commands we use in our development’s daily tasks. We think some of these commands can help you on problems you may have. So here you can find some of them that we use for R2Devops!

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